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Younger Americans Are Currently Experiencing The Most Loneliness

While most of us would expect that the older citizens of the United States would be the ones to experience the highest level of loneliness, recent studies have shown that the exact opposite is true. These studies show that younger Americans are also more likely to exist in a poor state of health than their older counterparts.

The loneliness was particularly prevalent in those who are within the 18-22 age group. Cigna is responsible for funding this study and they are particularly concerned about this issue because loneliness can lead to a variety of other ailments.

Did you know that loneliness can have the same effect on our health as the consumption of 15 cigarettes each day? When it is framed in these terms, loneliness actually poses a greater threat to our health than obesity.

By taking the time to address loneliness, we can fix a number of other issues that are known to take place. When we have the proper sense of self and we are doing everything in our power to address certain issues, the health problems that stem from a bout of loneliness are far less likely to occur.

Those who use social media on a regular basis do not find this to be a cure for their doldrums. Younger people who utilize social media at a high rate do not report feeling any less loneliness than those who do not use it all.

Social media does not cure loneliness because it does not provide people with the sort of meaningful social interactions that they need in order to remain healthy. If we do not have face to face conversations with our peers, loneliness tends to become exacerbated over the long haul. Social media is a form of false relief that should not be relied upon heavily.

It is simply not a substitute for putting down the smartphone and heading out to meet up friends and loved ones in real life. Having a bunch of online “friends” on sites like Facebook and Twitter is great but when you do not have anyone who is there for you when you are truly in need? It is time to make serious changes.

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