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Would You Be Interested To Be A Parent of An Adopted Man Instead of A Child?

We hear of incredible and bizarre stories every day. We just go to our trusted news sites and there we can have an unlimited supply of inspiring, strange and uplifting stories that can either break or strengthen our heart or resolve. If you’re looking for news about, for example, how it is to be a parent of an adopted person, you might be interested to hear the story from Digg 3 days ago through The Washington Post about how a lonely Chinese man advertised himself out for adoption.

The Japanese Invasion Survival

We can start this story by saying that this Chinese man, Han Zicheng, was a survivor of the Japanese invasion in China, but he knew that even after surviving he couldn’t easily survive living alone. This is the reason that out of nowhere he just wrote in a piece of scratch paper an ad that says that he wants to be placed in adoption.

He wrote there that he’s 80 years old, strong-bodied, can shop and cook and take care of himself, no chronic illness and he is retired from a scientific research institute located in Tianjin. He even wrote in the ad that he has a monthly pension of about 6,000 RMB/month.

His story was captured by a local news station, and it all went uphill from there. People are now reaching out to him and showing their support. He even struck up a friendship with a law student, 20 years old, who is interested in showing his support for the old man. However, the search for a good family that could take care of him was not that easy. There are many families who were just after his pension, and that’s why he surprisingly saw himself rejecting offers. Han also saw that there is a need for the government to intervene in issues that involve senior care. There are many people like him, and they all deserve the assistance they seek. Nevertheless, his story is a challenge for those who are interested in adoption. Would you be willing to adoptt a man instead of a child?

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