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Kerry Kurtz Tucker was adopted by a family in Alexandria, Virginia shortly after she was born. She also has two siblings who have also been adopted. Kerry had a wonderful life with her adoptive parents. However, they died 10 years.

Kerry has made several attempts to find her real family. However, nothing she has done has helped her find them. Kerry had a private and closed adoption. The name of the attorney that was assigned to Kerry’s case was James D’ Angelou. James has passed away.

Kerry stated that the state of South Carolina makes it difficult for people to find their biological parents. Her adoption case was closed in court. She also believes that her adoptive mother has her birth certificate. However, she does not know where her birth certificate is. She thinks that she may have been born at Ocean View Hospital. She also thinks that her parents may have been teenagers.

Kerry has joined many groups on Facebook hoping to find her real parents. The people who help people find their real parents are known as search angels. They give all of the information that they find to people for free. However, they have not been able to help Kerry find her biological parents yet.

Kerry recently ordered an Ancestry DNA kit. She has completed all of the tests and has sent it back. She will hear back from the company within three to four weeks. She is hoping that she will soon have the answers that she is looking for.

Kerry was named after a county in Ireland. She believes that she was called baby girl before her adoptive parents named her.

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