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Willis Tower Watson Welcomes New CFO Michael Burwell


Willis Tower Watson has welcomed a new staff member Michael Burwell to its managerial team. Burwell will become the new Chief Finance Officer. Burwell Joins the firm’s highly experienced leadership team after Roger Millay retired. Burwell brings along with her more than 31 years’ worth of experience in finance management and professional services from PwC. Burwell has served in a series of high profiled companies and government institutions in the leadership levels. Burwell was one time the Head of Global Transformation and CFO including Chief Operations Officer in the United States of America. Besides finance and professional services Burwell has more than a decade worth of expertise in audit, transaction advisory services, merger, and valuation.

John Haley, Willis Towers Watson CEO welcomed Michael Burwell to his new role and said that the firm is excited to have him come on board at the most critical time when the company is undergoing a revolution. According to Haley, Mike is a highly experienced manager with in-depth knowledge in finance, transformation as well as transactional services. Burwell expertise will go a long way in driving the firm’s long-term growth and integration efforts that will allow the firm to achieve its full potential. Haley was also full of praises to the outgoing CFO Rogers. He thanked him for his tremendous performance at the company. Roger has left an indelible mark in the company, and it is now positioned for greater things.

Michael Burwell also commented on the appointment and said that the opportunity is an honor to him and that in all his interactions at the company he was very impressed with the firm’s commitment to clients, collaboration and inclusive culture. Burwell is looking forward to using his skills to help the company move to greater heights.

One piece of advice that Michael Burwell regularly gives to colleagues at work and his friends is that they should always focus on creating networks and developing relationships within their professional fields. According to Burwell one should not stop there but should also strive to build interpersonal relationships and communication skills because they are vital for success in any Industry.


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