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Why a Saver Should Not Marry a Spender

Marriages are a lot of work. Sometimes you get a partner that is great with money, but if you are the saver in the relationship the likelihood that you have also picked a saver to share the rest of your life with is highly unlikely. There is a reason for this, and this reason has much to do with the yin and yang type factors that tend to lead couples into relationships where they are unequally yoked.

A person that is good with money will typically find themselves engaging in conversations with those that are bad with money. You may even find yourself dating and building a relationship that leads to marriage with a person that has poor money management skills. The logic for this is simple. As someone that is able to manage money well you may easily assume that you can help anyone. You may assume that you have the Midas touch and that this will allow you to help your partner when it comes to managing their finances. The trouble with this is that most people that manage money poorly are simply going to manage their money even worse when they have someone that can bail them out of situations. This is often the role that a financially secure spouse will provide. It may be something that they had not planned, but getting connected with a person that does not know how to save or invest their money forces the saver of the relationship to step up even more.

A person that may have thought that they could help someone build their finances may find their own finances in jeopardy. In order to avoid this a saver must put money aside and become very proficient in saving no when they cannot afford something. If you are not able to say no to your spouse when it comes to a rational decision making in the home you are going to find yourself broke.

The nice guy or a woman that does not know how to draw the line when it comes to spending in the marriage is going to have a bad marriage. You have to set boundaries if you want a debt free marriage solution. You will have to compromise to avoid spending and saving conflicts.

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