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Who Can Use Lime Crime’s Hair Dye Product Line

Do you ever feel as though you are a mystical creature? Are you always looking for new and trendy ways to step up your game? If so, LimeCrime carries a product line that will allow you, the shopper to find a color palette that is your personality instead of purchasing a product which you do not feel comfortable wearing.

Lets face it, if you are someone who loves to shop in the gothic appearing stores in your local mall, enjoy wearing makeup that most people do not like, you should check out the Lime Crime makeup line. The makeup line also is now producing hair dyes. The semi permanent hair dye can be used by all hair color choices but has been shown to show the best results in someone with darker hair.

If you want to go bold in hair color, the purple hue is an option to give a try to. If you want something that is even more bold, their green hair dye choice will leave your hair flowing by what looks like a mermaids tail.

The all over coverage is going to leave you feeling refreshed once it is completed. The rich, intense shades were not something that Doe Deere stumbled upon lightly. She wanted to let the women in the world have a bolder choice than most standard hair color choices. Not only that, the hair dye found in the stores will not last nearly as long as the product lines by Doe Deere.

The cost for your regular hair dye shades that wash out after a handful of times is close to the same price that you are going to pay for Doe Deereā€™s products. In order to release the new lines of hair products, Doe Deere had decided to make a statement on the Instagram social media site. They released the statement concerning the hair color options for brunettes however there is no one set color to avoid if you have a lighter shade of color.

Just because you might not be a brunette, does not mean that you are unable to use the Lime Crime hair product line of hair dye. The colors were just aimed to be used by most dark haired individuals.

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