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What to do When the biological Parent Turns up for your Adopted Child

It is the joy of every parent to have a family and children someday. But nature sometimes does not allow everyone to enjoy parenthood. People decide to adopt because they are unable to have children on their own. Paying a visit to the adoption centre may seem exciting, but pain knocks at the door of your happiness when the biological parent turns up later when the child is all grown up to take him away.

What do you do in such a case? Or the mother dishonours the agreement and decides to communicate with the child when you are not around. According to nytimes news, some mothers may want to keep in touch the child. This is how you can deal with the unexpected turn-up.

Give the child detailed information about the biological parents

Adoptive parents make a mistake of not telling the child about the biological parents. When the biological parents turn up, it gets messy, as some children may decide to go with the biological parents. It is wise you tell the child the truth and why the biological parents put him up for adoption so that when they turn up for him, he will know whom to choose.

Allow clear communication between you and the biological parents

Some adoptive parents cut contact with the child’s biological parents, and when this happens, the mother may decide to get in touch with the child without your involvement. Allowing clear communication creates a good relationship between the parties and the child will not have to choose the biological parent over you if you give the child time to spend with the biological parent so that they can know each other.

Follow the Initial Agreement

Before the adoption took place, you signed an agreement with the adoptive parent. If the biological parent breaks the deal, you have the right to consult with the agency where you adopted the child and seek mediation.

It is heart-breaking when someone fails to keep their side of the agreement. The case is typical in child adoption. You can seek expert help when it happens.


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