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Explaining The Adoption Process

What Do Adopted Children What You to Know?

Each adopted child has a different experience before adoption, and will have different experiences once they are adopted into a family. However, there are a few things that adopted children want parents and society to know that can improve the way that people understand and perceive adoption. These factors can also help adoptive parents to care for their children effectively.

Foster children want people to know that they are children who are just as worthy of love as any other children. Adopted children have a natural need for family just like anyone else, and should be treated with the same care and attention as the adoptive family’s biological children.

It’s also important to know that each adopted child feels differently about his/her adoption. Some are too young to remember their birth parents, while others are adopted when they are older, which means it could take them a while to warm up to their adoptive family members. Some foster kids will want to know more about their birth families, while others are fine with not getting more information. Adoptive parents should know that some children will be extremely grateful for being adopted, while others may not, or may not express their gratitude until much later in life.

Adopted children also want their new families and society to know that adoption is not something to be ashamed of. Foster children want to know that they are accepted, and keeping the adoption a secret won’t accomplish this. Foster children don’t want to be viewed as “less than” in society or in their families, so talking openly about the adoption will help to make adopted children feel that they are worthy of love.

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