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Wes Edens Continues To Expand His Business Interests

The entrepreneur and investment specialist, Wes Edens seems to have had an affinity with underdog causes throughout his career. The co-founder of Fortress Investments may have made his personal fortune on the financial markets but he is bucking the trend for picking developed markets for his latest developments as an entrepreneur. Edens has taken a shot at bringing passenger rail services to the people of the U.S. by establishing the only privately-owned service in the nation. He has also begun a successful rebuild of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise and hopes to continue the development of his sporting dynasty with the purchase of the Aston Villa soccer club in the U.K.

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Wes Edens has found himself fighting against the tide of public opinion but usually comes out on the positive side when his investments are completed. A good example of this is the $3 billion investment in the only privately-owned passenger rail service in the U.S., Brightline based in Florida. The rise in automated self-driving cars is the current trend for the majority of transport investors, but Edens sees an affordable luxury rail service as providing a brighter ecological future.

The belief in expanding into new markets is reflected in the sports interests Wes Edens has recently developed which includes purchasing clubs from smaller markets. When the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise was offered for sale, the majority of fans feared the team would relocate to a larger television market. Edens bought the franchise in 2014 and promised fans his plan was to keep the team in Milwaukee and expand its interests with a purpose-built arena. The arena was delivered in less than four years and comprises the landmark in a planned redevelopment of the downtown Entertainment District.

After delivering renewed regular season success to the Bucks and a state-of-the-art arena, Wes Edens switched his attention to English soccer with a co-ownership agreement to purchase the historic Aston Villa Football Club. Wes Edens and his Egyptian business partner, Nassef Sawiris are coming together in a bid to try and return the former European Champions to the English Premier League.

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