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Video Games Are Not Completely Bad For Your Kids

Have you ever wondered if allowing your children to play video games was a mistake? Or do you think you are a bad parent to allow your children to play video games for countless hours? Not all video games are bad for your children. In fact, according to Nytimes.com at https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/30/well/family/parenting-the-fortnite-addict.html, there is no evidence that video games make chidlren violent if there was no violent tendencies previoulsy. In fact, there is evidence that playing action video games cultivate the spatial skills that are required for advanced mathematics and engineering. Allowing your children to play video games could actually be beneficial towards their social skills and education.

Many parents are hesitant to allow their children to play video games. Many parents feel that if they allow their children to play video games, they could end up violent and aggressive. However, studies show no substantial evidence that action games turn children aggressive. With the modern technology and video games that are being created today, these games are designed to allow one to build spatial skills to maneuver throughout the game. They have numerous amounts of video games that are made to feel like you are actually in the game. The 3D high definition video games give those who play a realistic real time experience. Video games allow children to think critically to solve problems when put in difficult situations. They are forced to thinking fast and getting creative.

In addition, the newly created video games allow social skills to develop and mature by allowing children to play all together on an online network. One of the more popular video games called Fortnite, allow people to all team up together in pairs or groups and play and collaborate together. They have to utilize their analytical skills and team work to be successful in the game. Many people claim that this video game is not just entertaining, but it is fun because you are able to play the game with people you know, making it a social event. Friends are able to spend time together without actually being in person.

It is important for parents to keep in mind that not all video games are appropriate for children. Parents must utilize their common sense in what is appropriate for their children’s age range. Lastly, parents need to make sure that they set limits to video games, so that their children are able to still accomplish their other daily activities and still receive their time to play video games as a reward and benefit.

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