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Victoria Doramus Supports a Good Cause

Victoria Doramus has always been a big supporter of charities and do-good organizations such as Room to Read, Best Friends Animal Society, and the Amy Winehouse Foundation. She also supports the Women’s Prison Association.


Victoria Doramus has an impressive resume, and she is passionate about what she does. She is a recovery expert which is one of the reasons why she is so involved with the Amy Winehouse Foundation in particular. This foundation is focused on supporting young people and educating them on the danger of drug and alcohol abuse. The foundation helps to support those battling addictions and also supports recipients with music.


Room to Read is a nonprofit establishment that’s all about educating children through reading so that they will have the power to reach their goals. Because of the efforts of this charity it has been possible to build over 12,000 libraries as well as almost 1,500 schools in ten different countries. They have also made it possible to give almost 14,000 girls scholarships. Room to Read has been acknowledged with many awards and has also been esteemed by Reader’s Digest and UNESCO to name just a couple.


Victoria Doramus is also a philanthropist and a community volunteer for the Woman’s Prison Association. This association is an avid advocacy group for women in prison, and they are pushing for alternatives to incarceration and are all about getting better legal support for women in the prison system. They are all about educating and supporting women in prison, and they also help to discharge planning services for incarcerated women who have HIV. They have many projects in the go and have helped numerous women in the past 15 years.


She is also very passionate about helping animals, and she volunteers regularly at the Best Friends Animal Society. This organization is a nonprofit group that is on a mission to stop animals in shelters for getting killed because they simply do not have enough room for every stray that they get. This organization has helped to prevent many animal deaths which is one of the reasons why Doramus supports them.
To know more about Victoria click here https://about.me/victoria-doramus


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