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Various Senior Care Services Offered At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare specializes in providing senior care. With over 20 homes that are located through southeastern United Kingdom providing amazing health care to residents, patients are in the best of hands.

Sussex Healthcare specializes in providing care to patients who have problems that directly impact their ability to thrive in life on their own. The care managers help to care for people who suffer from a variety of symptoms, including, but not limited to:

– Dementia
– Motor neuron diseases
– Multiple sclerosis
– Lesions that cause damage to the spine
– Traumatic injuries to the spine
And many others.

Their healthcare agency provides 24 hour per day services that allow them to provide the best services available, including:

– Hydrotherapy
– Aromatherapy
– Reflexology
– Physical therapy
– Occupational therapy

And many other services that improve the quality of life that residents experience. These therapies offer better range of motion, more comfort, and improvement in pain management.

Caregiver to Staff Ratio
Over the last decade, Sussex Healthcare has noticed the demand for health aides in the UK has increased drastically. Because of the increasing demand for these aides and the number of trained persons in the country, the majority of medical centers have been negatively impacted. However, the care facilities offered through Sussex have worked hard to maintain a high number of health aides.

Regular Evaluations
When a patient selects Sussex Healthcare, they are offered a team of experts that provide a wealth of services. These services benefit the patient in a number of ways, but the primary goal is to increase the patient’s quality of life. The various activities help to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with the condition the patient is suffering from, and help increase overall mobility.

One of the most beneficial therapies offered at Sussex is hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy helps reduce soreness and stiffness, as well as increase the flexibility patients have. Patient’s joints are more limber, allowing them to take part in activities they enjoy easier, and with less pain.

Residents who participate in reflexology receive regular massages that reduce the amount of soreness patients suffer from. They also reduce the amount of stiffness patents have in relation to their medical condition. There are a number of different massages that provide a large number of health benefits, including:

– Increasing energy
– Improving focus
– Increasing bone density
– Reducing anxiety
– Stimulating endorphin creation

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to choosing Sussex Healthcare for your health care needs, especially if your medical condition requires care from more than one type of specialist.

Search more about Sussex Healthcare: http://medicaldailytimes.com/health-news/sussex-healthcare-celebrating-25-years-care/3710/

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