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Unroll Me: The Ultimate Solution To Cluttered Emails


Do you experience email inbox overload? Unroll Me is the kind of service that will help you declutter your mailbox. This service was created to meet the challenge that arises from mail inboxes, which was likely to go out of control. Gmail has been able to device a priority inbox, which enables users to sort out their emails. However, Unroll Me adds a layer by skimming through emails thus allowing users to unsubscribe or roll them into one single digest email.


The favorite feature offered by Unroll Me, is its ability to skim through the mailbox. The service, however, provides solutions to clutter by allowing users to alter their behaviors in email management. Jojo Hedaya expressed that the service previously was confusing to use thus the need to redesign the service. The service will continue to experience changes until it is at the point of serving its customers effectively. Therefore, in the future, there should be changes to the service according to the evolving customer needs and desires.


In 2013, Slice; the Rakuten-owned shopping app acquired Unroll Me since it is speculated that email and shopping tend to go hand in hand. The acquisition has been articulated to make a lot of sense since Slice aims at helping shoppers to keep track of their orders, discounts, and packaging by analyzing customer receipts from their emails. It was estimated that it could be costly if Unroll Me operated independently since it could focus on more stuff. See This Page for more information.


Joining Slice meant that Unroll Me could focus on its users and the kind of service it offered. Moreover, it could enjoy the benefits of utilizing existing management tools at Slice and could be able to pull bargaining power in a competitive market. This is estimated to be an opportunity for the business to generate more income as Unroll Me plans to release an app to ease its services. The two start-ups will continue to operate separately with the Unroll Me’s team projected to stay in New York, but both companies will integrate both features in the future.


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