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51-50. That was the final tally in the Senate on the confirmation vote that pushed Betsy DeVos over the top to become the Secretary of Education. It was the first time in American history that a tie-breaker vote was necessary to nominate someone to a Cabinet level position. That is just how controversial DeVos was. Even in a Republican-controlled Congress, she had to receive the nod from the Vice-President in order to get over the finish line.


Now, DeVos is our Secretary of Education. She has been for nearly a year now. It is something that drew a lot of attention when it first happened, but has since faded as people have moved on to thinking and talking about other things. That being said, she remains a highly powerful person in Washington.


In the past, a lot of the work that Betsy DeVos accomplished was directly felt in the communities in Michigan that she operated out of. That is her home state, and her family has had a heavy influence on the state for a very long time. When she was elevated by the Trump Administration, we all started to learn that the same things that she had fought so hard for in Michigan were about to become what we would get from her on a national level as well.


On the plus side, DeVos has been seen by many as the type of person who is very caring and giving. It seems that she has a heart of gold so to speak. She might fight hard for her political and business causes, but she also does a lot of non-profit work that has gone to benefit countless people. For those things, she is admired. Thus, it was a question to many how she would act once she joined forces with the Trump Administration.


So far, it has been a mixed bag no matter which side you are on. While DeVos has worked on the sidelines towards pushing for more charter schools, you have not seen any major legislation on this matter. Additionally, DeVos had to contradict the President at one point when he wanted to reverse policy regarding transgender bathrooms and schools. It is something you do not often see with two high-profile people from the same political party, but that is how it worked out on this particular occasion.


It is not time to get too excited if you are a liberal or Democrat though. It is not as if DeVos is exactly your dream candidate for the job of Secretary of State. She is more than capable of making massive changes to the public education system in this country. Even worse from your point of view, she is very effective at doing so. She is the kind of person who is very kind and generous to your face, but she just might have something up her sleeve. You never know just how to take her until it is too late. With that in mind, keep an eye on what happens with the Secretary of State in the days, weeks, and months to come. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/betsy.p.devos/


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