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Ukraine Parliament Rejects a Bill Simplifying Foreign Adoption

Adopting Ukrainian children just became a little bit harder after people’s deputies refused to simplify the adoption rules on Wednesday. The draft law that sought to simplify inter-country adoption rules in Ukraine received 166 votes out of the total 226. Passing the bill would ensure that foreigners gained access to children in Ukraine. Adopting would have followed strict guidelines with the child’s interests coming first. Rights would be observed in full during the adoption process. The Hague 1993 document outlined the requirements necessary for a foreigner to adopt a child. The report outlined that the foreigner would submit the required paperwork to their home country. After vetting and satisfaction that the individual was fit to adopt a child, the state would forward the documents to the nation from which they sought to adopt the child.

If the child’s interests aren’t being considered in the country of adoption, the child is removed and returned to the home country. The document also says that the nations and authorities involved in the process should speed up the process. The Convention has over 100 member states with all the EU nations included.

The bill presented in the house failed to pass for the seventh time. According to 112 Ukraine TV, there were widespread concerns among the members. Those that expressed doubts cited the incidents that same-sex couples would seek to adopt children from the country. Part of the deputies also said that organizations would use the opening to engage in child trafficking and slavery. However, representatives of the Rada’s Foreign Affairs Committee said that the Hague Convention gave priority to the legislation of the participating country. As a result, adoption by same-sex marriages was impossible.

Further, they read out the regulations laid out by the Convention. The home country would have access to the information regarding the adopted children. Additionally, adoption organizations were limited to non-profit ones. However, the explanations failed to convince the MPs. Consequently, the bill was voted out.

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