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Turning the tide against a possible public crisis Jeremy Goldstein raises awareness and fights the stigma associated with Mental Illness

The Associate Committee of Fountain House has a rich history addressing the devastating impact mental illness has on patients, families and our communities. Since 1948, Fountain House has been helping those suffering from mental illness. Today Fountain house has grown into an organization boasting thousands of members who contribute their talents while learning new skill and forging lasting bonds.


Beginning in 2007, the Associates Committee of Fountain House has hosted the Fall Fete event, introducing a new audience of young professionals to Fountain House’s comprehensive health model; fighting the stigma associated with mental illness in our communities. The organization’s primary mission has always focused on social programs that address the devastating impact mental illness presents to our communities. Many members of Fountain House’s Associate’s Committee have struggled with mental illness personally; their illness has been their primary source of education and understanding. The Fall fete event for 2018 will be held on October seventeenth.


Jeremy L. Goldstein, an event Chair in the 2012 Fall Fete event, has dedicated his professional pursuits to raising awareness and providing services to his community that address major issues faced by patients suffering from mental illness. In his professional career, he works as one of the partners of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates an exclusive law firm providing advice to CEO’s, management teams, business and compensation committees about various sensitive issues relating to corporate governance and executive compensation.


As an Author Jeremy L. Goldstein has written various articles related to current and past issues associated with executive compensation, potentially threatening legislation impacting corporations regarding compensation and future economic trends. His articles are available on his personal website officialjeremygoldstein.com as well as information about JLG Associates.


In his work with the Fountain House’s Committee, Jeremy L. Goldstein has dedicated much of his time to raising awareness about issues related to mental health and illness. He has forged many relationships with patients and committee members throughout his time with the organization. Due to his extensive experience, Jeremy L. Goldstein has become nationally recognized as an expert in his field throughout the world.


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