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Troy McQuagge Uses His Success To Give Back Through HOPE

Over the course of his career, Troy McQuagge son has always dedicated time to giving back to the community and helping others who are in need. Working to give other people the help and options they need in order to live better lives is a noble cause for anyone’s life or business. Aside from the health insurance provided by Troy’s company, there are many more ways of helping people around the community. This is what inspired Troy to start the HOPE program, which is dedicated to helping people and communities far and wide. The HOPE Initiative has done a lot of good for people around the country today and it has vastly increased the awareness of Troy and USHEALTH Group.

Troy joined the USHEALTH Group back in 2010, and he has been working to build the company and instill HOPE’s core values into every part of it. Giving back and helping others has always been a big part of what Troy does through his success, but he wants it to be a part of the industry as a whole as well. The more corporations that are inspired by Troy’s HOPE initiative, the more goodwill can be spread around communities not just in the United States, but the entire world. Read this article:https://www.ushacareers.com/a-sense-of-peace/

Since starting up the HOPE program in 2010, Troy McQuagge has stayed true to his path and plans to keep pushing towards spreading his message through HOPE. Troy has said that HOPE was not started in order to create more sales or make the USHEALTH Group look good but to genuinely spread goodwill and help those in need. Looking into Troy’s career and past philanthropic projects, its safe to say Troy is a genuinely good man who wants to help others. This same principle has been instilled into the staff at USHEALTH Group. Many members at office locations around the country have even begun starting their own projects for impacting positive change in their communities. Today, HOPE has more branches dedicated to helping people in many ways, including HOPEKids Arizona, which aims to improve the lives of children that are facing disease and disabilities. Read more on prweb.com about Troy McQuagge Son




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