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The Works of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is the founder of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. This company invests in healthcare companies that are in their initial stages of operation. It also focuses on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (T.M.S.) to treat depression. Ara’s and his partners’ research in IT and treatment has helped them see why TMS, in addition, to talk therapy and medication, is the basis for psychiatric care. People suffering from severe drug-resistant depression are the major beneficiaries of this mode of treatment.


ASC Capital Holdings’ “patient first” tactic has been very effective. They have a healthcare model that enables physicians, and their patients attain their treatment goals with ease. Ara Chackerian says that this device-based treatment is growing and is now reaching more patients in Sacramento and Bay Area. Their facilities cover 3,000 square feet of land. The idea is to make the facilities serene and relaxing. This is crucial especially for people with psychiatric problems.


Ara’s Take on Suicide Stigma

In spite of the many suicide acts each year in the U.S.A,  Chackerian feels that people are afraid to talk openly about it. The truth is, suicide has been neglected. More emphasis is being put on school shootings, bullying, cancer, and others issues than on suicide. Most suicide victims have depression issues. As such, people shy from talking about it. Many suicide cases can be avoided if only people could accept that depression is a serious issue that needs immediate medical attention.


Ara Chackerian believes that the other reason people neglect suicide is that they are unsure of how to respond to it. Anyone can be a victim of suicide. Celebrities and the rich have been victims, and people are left wondering why anyone leading such a life would commit suicide. Sharing your stories can help stop suicide.  To see more you can visit vimeo.com


Ara Chackerian Background and Education


Ara Chackerian is the ASC Capital Holdings, LLC’s managing partner. He is a co-founder at TMS Health Solutions that offers transcranial magnetic stimulation to patients suffering from depression. Chackerian focuses on using technology to provide solutions to healthcare problems. He is a board member to a few Bay Area healthcare facilities. Ara also has a great love for the environment and plays a major role in youth development projects. He went to Florida State University where he graduated with a Marketing and Business Management degree. For more details you can visit their facebook page.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/ara.chackerian


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