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The Wave of the Future: Talos Energy

Talos Energy is an oil and gas drilling company that was founded in 2012. The company is currently headquartered in Houston, Texas. In the past few years, the company has tried to come up with innovative ways to drill for oil and gas in a responsible way. The man who is heading the company is Tim Duncan. He and a couple of his friends created the company and now it has come full circle.Tim Duncan is not a man who wants to stand still while the oil and gas markets move ahead. He studied petroleum engineering at Mississippi State University. After that, Duncan went on to Phoenix Exploration where he was able to figure out how to double the size of the company in a few years time.

Now he is the head of Talos Energy and is fully committed to making the company a successful one. Tim Duncan is not the only person responsible for the success of Talos Energy. Credit must be given to the other two co-founders. They are Stephen Heitzman and John A. Parker. These two men make sure that the daily operations of Talos Energy go smoothly. Between the three of them, they have more than thirty years of experience when it comes to drilling for oil and gas.

One of the best spots for Talos Energy is the Gulf of Mexico.In this strategic area, Talos Energy has been able to rise above the competition with the knowledge of Duncan, Heitzman, and Parker. When Parker worked at Phoenix along with Heitzman and Duncan he was able to locate more than seventy percent of the company oil and gas reserves before Talos was up and running. These three men prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they have what it takes to drill for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico and do it in a responsible manner.These three men have made sure to balance the need for oil and gas as well as environmental protection of the areas in which they work. This is why Talos Energy is the wave of the future.

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