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The Veto of Kansas and Oklahoma Against Adoptions For LGBT Parents

Adoption is one of the most controversial and bold topics in any conversation. Whether it’s a personal discussion or a national policy analysis, adoption can be seen with different focus from a variety of angles. One angle that can be analyzed right now is through the latest adoption news we can read from the Reddit Politics category page. It is about how Kansas and Oklahoma right now are approving the religious veto on the several LGBT adoptions in their respective regions.

Religious Beliefs

In a recent feature from AP news about a day ago, we can read that the policymakers and lawmakers both in Oklahoma and Kansas have officially pushed already the legislation to grant the legal protections for faith-based adoption agencies that have as part of their core values the refusal of children to be placed in LGBT homes.

There are many supporters and dissenters of such advocacy, but for now, the legal battle has seemed to have sided with the anti-LGBT. There are many religious faiths right now that have beliefs that cause a large dissent from the public, but the fact that they still push for what they believe is an indication that they have skin in the game for their faith. They put actions into their faith. We should also cite here that both Oklahoma and Kansas have stronghold control over GOP-linked governors and legislatures.

The Backers

It should be interesting to note, too, that the Kansas Bill has acknowledged the different groups with such faith-based structure, especially because these groups have some of the largest following in the states. However, with such ordinances come consequences. The senators believe that one consequence would be the fact that the LGBT community would hold protests and other backlash response that could create a hostile environment in the states. However, it should also be clear in the report that the awareness of people towards LGBT is getting more vocal and powerful.

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