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Explaining The Adoption Process

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Blake Wilson received a Father’s Day gift he is sure to never forget. His stepson, Tyler Dukes, has been in his life for seven years and wanted to show him just how much he and his ore sense meant, so for a Father’s Day gift, Tyler framed a picture of the two and added a beautifully written tribute. The tribute goes on to say that Blake has been an amazing father figure and IS as real of a dad as any. This written proof of love made an amazing gift on its own, bringing Blake to tears, but Tyler did not stop there with showing the love. Taped to the back of the frame was an envelope. When Blake opened the envelope, he found papers that proved just how incredible their relationship is. Tyler had adoption papers drawn up, making Blake his adoptive father.
It was something he had wanted for quite some time, Tyler’s mom said, as his biological father was no longer in the picture. Tyler’s old enough at the age of 20 to be considered an adult, but still, he wanted to make the adoption official, so he could take Blake’s last name officially. Tyler’s mom admits that Tyler’s biological father had chosen to leave their lives many years before and broke all contact with Tyler. He was 13 when Blake came into his life and took on the role of dad full force. It was a choice that was not always simple and easy, but proved to be worth it day in and out as the two formed a bond that went beyond blood.

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