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The State of New Jersey Has Become the First State to Offer Baby Boxes to New Parents

Since the beginning of days, children have been an important aspect of the society. Regarding ensuring that newborn babies are treated right, some states have always endorsed various tactics that have come in handy while taking care of babies. As for Finland, they have been issuing parents with “baby boxes.” The “baby boxes” have always been accompanied by various essentials and they boxes have also come in handy as infant beds. Such a move has proved to be effective over the years. As a result, the state of New Jersey has decided to endorse the issuing of “baby boxes.”

Background Data

Because children are the future of the society, they are bound to be treated right. With that said, the state of New Jersey has decided to endorse the issuing of “baby boxes” to new parents. The “baby boxes” are accompanied by essentials that can be used by the newly born baby. As per views from various experts, such a move will help to increase child mortality just as in Finland.

The Baby Box Company has powered the “baby boxes” initiative. The Baby Box Company has decided to partner with New Jersey’s Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board (CFNFRB). The partnership aims at issuing parents with cardboard boxes that are durable. Also, the cardboard boxes will be filled with diapers, baby wipes, clothes, breast pads among many more essentials. On top of that, the “baby box” will also have a mattress. As a result, the “baby box” can also serve as a bed for the newly born baby.

To access the “baby boxes,” new parents and expectant parents can register online if they may be interested in the “baby boxes.” However, there is a procedure involved. After you enroll, you’ll have to complete the New Jersey “syllabus.” The syllabus involves a series of videos compiled by health professionals. The main essence of the video is to educate parents about how to care for a newborn baby. Among the topics within the videos are such as local family services, safe sleep, and breastfeeding among many more tutorials.

After being educated on the various essentials regarding how to raise a baby, the parents are subjected to a short quiz. Upon passing the brief exam, the parents are now eligible for the free baby box. The box is then shipped to the respective destination of preference.

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