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The Role of Nicolas Krafft on the Success of L’Oreal Paris Fashion

Nicolas Krafft, the business development leader at L’Oreal Paris has proved to be one of the most influential individuals in the fashion industry. He has been able to incorporate several strategies with the aim of making his company dominate the sector. However, being successful in the fashion industry is not an easier aspect as it involves incorporation of various strategies and remaining consistent for an extended period of time.

One of the most important strategies that Nicolas Krafft has introduced in the organization is creativity. Being creative is a recipe for success in the fashion industry. There is no way a fashion company can be relevant in the industry if it does not come up with innovative fashion aspects. Innovation is also necessary for the fashion industry as most of the clothes and other fashion products become irrelevant within a short period.

Diversity is another aspect that Nicolas Krafft has introduced in the fashion industry with the sole aim of making it more attractive to other people, especially those people with diverse tastes and preferences. It is important to highlight that fashion is changing and very diverse. People from different parts of the world have varying tastes and preferences. Nicolas understands that not all people will appreciate the modern fashion trends and it is important to incorporate even those people with varying opinion on fashions.

Understanding the role of women in the fashion industry is another important strategy that Nicolas Krafft has incorporated in the L’Oreal Paris. It is important to highlight that women are very enthusiastic about fashion. Recent research studies have shown that women use significant amounts of their money in fashion products, which means that their roles have to be appreciated.

In the recent L’Oreal Paris Fashion Show, Nicolas Krafft made sure that there were many women who were invited in the show, which made the show a women event. There were several celebrity women in the event and most of them displayed their tastes of fashion in the form of jewelry and hairstyles. The show was open for all to see as it was shown on huge televisions and on various online platforms.

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