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Willis Towers Watson is a great company which is specialized in insurance, reinsurance, and even advisory services to companies. It has worked effectively over the years making it trusted and reliable to its clients. Recently, they got to select a new Chief Finance Officer of the company. The position required someone who is experienced and skilled in his work. There had to be a different person in the position to avoid vacancy as the company’s previous Chief Executive Office; Roger Millay was going to retire.


Michael Burwell is a skilled and educated entrepreneur who has worked in different sectors of the company for several years making a huge difference in the growth of it. He is skilled has given him the opportunity to work in various areas such as the technology, the finance, transactions and even transformation as well. He has also worked as a leader having to manage several roles making him suitable to manage finance as required.


Therefore, the Willis Towers Watson‘s Chief Executive Officer chose to opt for Michael s the financial leader. He believes that his working in the finance sector would fill the gap and ensure growth. Moreover, he has hopes that Michael Burwell would use his expertise to make the company grow and achieve its financial goals. On the day of selection, he had the opportunity to congratulate the acceptance of Michael and encouraged him to continue with the spirit of service and determination.


On the other hand, Michael Burwell appreciated the opportunity and took it as a privilege. He started by appreciating the former leader, Roger for the support he gave the company. He also stated that he would use the chance to make the country grow using the skills he has. Michael Burwell believes his tenure would be smooth as the company is made up of workers who make a great team. The working together as a team would strengthen his leadership and collaboration. Together, he perceives the focus on the clients would be ester making Willis more reliable and beneficial to the society.


The choice of the company to make Michael Burwell a finance officer is seen as the best option even by the public. After the decision, many got the opportunity to give their feedback and responses. In most cases, people gave interesting comments and took the social platform as the means to encourage and congratulate Michael as they believe he will work to his best. Refer to This Article for related information.


In conclusion, Michael is perceived to be a great person to work with as he brings positive changes to a given business venture.


More on: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/08/21/1090621/0/en/Willis-Towers-Watson-announces-new-Chief-Financial-Officer.html


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