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The Keys To The Success Of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell offers his services to Willis Towers Watson as the Chief Financial Officer. Earlier in his career, he served Pricewaterhouse Coopers for 31 years in assurance practices. His work encompassed business advisory services. He became a partner in the transaction business in Detroit in 1997. His success led to his leading the transaction business for the United States. He was appointed as the Chief Operating and Financial Officer in 2009. By 2012 he was expanding and building the internal shared services as the Vice Chairman for the company.


Michael Burwell received his education at Michigan State University and earned his Business Administration Bachelor’s degree. He additionally received certification as a public accountant. He was honored as the Alumnus of the year by Michigan State University in 2010. He has built an excellent reputation in the world of business.


Michael Burwell believes in good ideas and tries to ensure they receive the recognition they deserve. He believes the next great ideas for Airbnb and Uber are present in his organization. He calls these ideas secret weapons and does his best to bring them to life. Many of the new ideas have been observed through Plug and Play relationships. This has brought interesting changes and connections. He believes more can be accomplished with less because production increases with advances in technology. He often shares his individual productivity through new and helpful apps. Go Here for additional information.


One of the key lessons learned by Michael Burwell is collaboration and consensus are not equal. He does not believe consensus is necessary in every situation and feels it is not always possible to make everyone happy. He believes technology is a requirement for the growth and support of micro communities. He says this platform will evolve due to advertisers and the people looking for connections. Michael Burwell tries to be a good listener. He feels there is something interesting in every individual that can be revealed through communication. He is relentless, positive and celebrates every win with his team. They discuss the reasons for both wins and losses. This helps them find ways to accomplish more in the future.


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