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The Humble Ted Bauman

As editor of The Bauman Letter and a staff member at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman brings an analytic mind to investors and banking officials like with this tips and strategies regarding cybersecurity, privacy protection, and speeding up money growth prior to retirement. He points out methods such as specific techniques that can help an investor in the event of another stock market crash such as Black Monday in October of 1987. With a surefire plan, he believes that investors should have a balanced viewpoint such as the styles he learned while working in his earlier years as an urban planner for World Bank. He encourages those who are looking to be more money-savvy to look for long-term interest rates to go up. While this may seem contrary to wise investments, Ted Bauman emphasizes that he is not concerned about stock market volatility, as planning for the future is far more important than focusing on the ups and downs of stock market nature.

Born in Washington DC and having studied abroad in South Africa, Ted Bauman worked a variety of minimum wage jobs at fast food restaurants and as a cashier in his young adulthood. He punched into a time clocks alongside everyday people, and he has not forgotten where he came from. He is humble about those past experiences and believes strongly that the wealthy, successful investors, business owners, politicians and high income earners should be equally concerned with the welfare of lower income citizens as well. Ted Bauman used his degrees in history and economics to then go on to manage housing projects and a variety of charities aimed to helping low income and disabled individuals, as well as the working poor.

Ted Bauman is a fast rising, well respected expert in the fields of finance and economy, and speaks at a variety of conferences and other speaking engagements, including recently being featured as a keynote speaker at The Total Wealth Symposium, which is a convention created to address investment topics.

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