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Explaining The Adoption Process

The Aftermath of the Adoption Process

In this time and era, there is a free discussion on the aspect and method of adoption in the world. This topic has become an accepted norm in the society. This is due to the experience more individuals are getting from adoption. There is also increased attention being given to the involved parties, i.e., the parents who birthed the child, the parents interested in adopting the child, and the child being taken. This article shows the effect and impact of the process towards the adopting parents.

It is well known that the adopted child goes through specific issues during his or her life and it is upon the guardians to nurture and be there for the child. These issues are various, but in this article, we will be talking about two key aspects.

The first issue is the loss and grief by the adopted child towards his or her biological parents. This is usually a terrible situation to the guardians as well due to the feelings incurred by the child. It is part and parcel of the guardian’s duty to be open and be in constant communication with the adopted child thus have a better chance of managing the child’s feelings and being a source of comfort. This strategy is very challenging to the parents as some children would withdraw themselves and not engage with their new parents due to the grief. It is upon the guardians to be persistent and always at the need of the child. This will let the child realize that he or she is not alone and is cared for by the guardians. The link below shows this reference: https://www.bcadoption.com/…/children-and-unresolved-grief-signs-and-treatment

The second issue is on the constant thinking of the adoption done by the child. This will be a continuous reminder to the child that the guardians are not his birth parents. This issue is also reciprocated to the parents as they will feel the child being distant and withdrawn. It is upon the guardians to ensure they are always in support and there for the child as well as explaining every question. These particular strategies will bring the child back to their usual happy way and feel connected to the parents.

In conclusion, it is upon the parents to solve these issues as the issues of the child will become the problems of the guardians.

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