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Ted Bauman, helping you achieve self-sufficiency through top financial advice

With over 400,000 daily readers, Banyan Hill publishing is a renowned company which has made a name for itself by offering sound investment advice. Formerly known as the sovereign society, the firm boasts a panel of highly proficient individuals who are often behind the various publications through which they’ve helped myriads of individuals identify promising investment opportunities.

Banyan hill publishing focuses on different business sectors so it can offer readers a diverse array of investment options to choose from such as natural resources, option plays, small and mid-cap stocks and a long string of many others. It started off small but thanks to its core values which encourage individuals to take on a path of self-reliance and personal control, it is now a global leader in asset protection and investment advice. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

As mentioned earlier, it was formerly known as the sovereign society a name it carried since it was established in 1998 to 2016 when it was rebranded to its current name. It takes on the name of the Banyan tree which happens to be the world’s largest and also strongest tree as it survives any kind of storm and natural disaster. This is to signify its ability to help investors grow and protect their wealth from market volatility and other financial disasters which are awaiting them through top of the shelf strategies given by stock experts in the company such as former Wall Street insider Paul Mampilly and Ted Bauman.

For first-timers, tips and strategies offered by experts from Banyan hill publishing might seem unconventional but it’s because they are incredibly unique and different from what your conventional financial advisors bring to the table. What’s even better is that they always work and help all their readers soar higher in financial success without suffering blows from the storms in this arena. Besides Paul Mampilly and Ted Bauman, Banyan hill publishing boasts a long string of other proficient and experienced advisors such as Matt Badiali, Jeff Yastine, and Ian King.

About Ted Bauman

Like all the editors in Banyan Hill publishing, Ted Bauman is a man whose resume will make you question your priorities. He joined Banyan in 2013 but prior to that, Ted Bauman has marked countless milestones in the finance arena. The man was born in Washington D.C but moved to Maryland’s eastern shore where he grew up. However, in the 1980’s he moved to South Africa where he attended the University of Capetown and graduated with postgrad degrees in Economics. He also holds the same accreditation in history and this explains his extensive knowledge in economic matters.

Since his graduation, Ted Bauman has worked and served senior roles in various prominent companies in South Africa in the nonprofit sector. Today he serves as the editor of the Bauman letter, Alpha stock alert and Plan B club through which he uses his experience of over two decades to help traders transform their fortunes and improve their self-reliance skills. Ted is also quite philanthropic and through the slum dwellers internationals a project he helped establish, he has helped over 14 million people from the slum achieve comfortable living. Read more: https://medium.com/@TedBauman/is-your-portfolio-about-to-burn-to-the-ground-df79d568ff19


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