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Teacher Changes Student’s Life

Chelsea Haley, a single 22 year old rookie teacher at Baton Rouge, Louisiana school was on a two year contract for Teach For America, a program that places young teachers in school districts that are generally low income, with struggling students. While teaching there, Chelsea met a fourth grade student who helped to play a part in changing her life forever.
Chelsea met 12 year old Jerome Robinson at the low income school and took notice of how the system seemed to be failing the young boy. He was failing academically, on the verge of being suspended because he just was not excelling, and the teacher tried everything she could think of to help him get through it all.
She focused on getting to know him both in the classroom as well as outside of it. As the relationship between them, he grew to trust Chelsea and she noticed quite a difference in how he was both in the classroom and outside of it. Jerome eventually asked if he could stay with her. His home life was not so great, so she set out to help him and his younger brother, Jace.
Within two months, in early 2016, their birth mother signed over custody to Chelsea and she went to work to make the adoption legal. Since then, Chelsea and the boys have moved to Georgia and she is proud to announce that both boys are thriving and doing amazing. In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Jerome said his story is one that he hopes can show others not to give up. That believing you can do anything truly can make a difference.

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