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Explaining The Adoption Process


Talkspace is a mobile therapy application found accessed online which connects you to a legalized and a licensed therapist for a monthly fee of $128. Talkspace has made it easier to communicate one on one with the therapist on a 24-hour service basis through exchanging of text messages, phone calls or video calls. The app is designed and customized solely for those who prefer talking to their therapists than a face to face mode of communication, hereby, they can disclose all the details of how they’d want to be helped by the therapists unlike in a face to face communication where the personal appeal could limit them from disclosing the information they feel offensive to them.

Talk space is a convenient way of reaching therapists since they’re all online, you access them at your own continent time unlike when you visit them in person, you may be forced for long queues to be served and the response is immediate.

Also, when using the Talkspace app, there’s the capability to switch between the therapists you feel serves you best. Depending on the several therapists you talk to and in relevance to the feedback they provide, then its easy access the one you feel is of maximum use to you, and change between them since there’s no limit to the number of therapists you change.

Talkspace app offers confidentiality and has minimal chances of information leakages or distortion since when exchanging messages with your most preferred therapist, it’s only between the two of you and both of you can seek for clarification on unclear points, thus reaping maximum benefit from the parties involved.

Talkspace has an option where you can create a passcode for your account to avoid hacking and unauthorized access to your account, thus upholding privacy and confidentiality.

Whenever you need a break, or you do not need any service from the therapists, there is an option to always freeze your account for 30 days until the next time you’ll need to use it. Besides, if you cannot access the app in your phone, there is the Talkspace website whereby keeping in the website from the computer either in the cyber café you still can access similar services from the therapist and seek the respective information/ aid you need.

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