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Sussex Healthcare is a Team Effort

Sussex Healthcare has taken stock of every aspect of the company, and it is the process of making new and exciting changes. The company knows that it can learn as much from studying what it is doing well along with things that it knows need to improve.

COO Steve Whittingham is in charge of the organization, but he knows it will be a team effort. That team is not just management and all of the employees. His staff will be going out into the community to show them that they are the most valuable part of Sussex Healthcare. As part of the outreach, COO Steve Whittingham will be emphasizing the fact that Sussex Healthcare is available to people once they make the decision to move in to one of its homes.

There is also a team of great employees who are welcoming the improvements being made. There are employees like Lynn Lovett who have been with the company for over twenty years. It is not just management who are embracing the changes. The company relies on every aspect including the nursing team, caregivers, the IT department and the maintenance team. Sussex Healthcare is always looking to add quality employees to the team, and it is actively hiring. It is placing ads in local and national newspapers as a way to obtain the best people it can. Read the article at Gazetteday.com.

Daniella Pestridge is one of the recent hires. She has been impressed by the encouragement she has received to reach out to other members of the company. She has noticed the clear lines of communication that enable everyone to succeed. The residents are also noticing the changes. There is a push for activities to be tailored to the individual customers. Each person is unique and so the activities should be just as unique. Care and attention is given in creating activities that each person will enjoy rather than big group activities.

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