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Susan McGalla Shows Women What is Possible

Susan McGalla is committed to helping women advance in business. She herself is something of a trailblazer with her success in the corporate world. She has reached some top executive posts throughout her career and shared her knowledge and experience with many different female audiences. Two examples are Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs.

Her business savvy and experience has culminated with the founding of her own enterprise known as P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. They are expert consultants, led by McGalla, who specializes in teaching clients how to brand better. With her ability to instruct clients on how to differentiate their products and services, P3 provides timely help so businesses can grow. McGalla and P3 aren’t limited to this aspect, however. They are also adroit marketers who teach companies to effectively manage talent and improve operational efficiencies. It’s a lot to take in, but it illustrates how much ground McGalla has covered in her career.

In her personal life, Susan McGalla grew up in a competitive environment. She had a rough and tumble existence with two brothers and a father who was a football coach. She wasn’t cut any slack with her family as a girl and thrived in spite of that. It has served her well in business where ambitions sometimes clash. Her parents encouraged her to work hard and instilled in her a sense of confidence. So, with this helpful background, she is comfortable working with both men and women.

Her tenure with American Eagle Outfitters(AEO) is noteworthy. She found herself working almost exclusively with men and helped change the corporate culture there. At the time there were no women in executive positions or on the managerial board. McGalla, with her talent and ambition, thrived and helped open the door for other women to climb the corporate ladder. McGalla eventually rose to the position of President at AEO with extensive responsibilities.

Her consulting business offers an insider’s perspective on the retail world. She works with top financial officers and shares her accumulated wisdom so others can excel too. The luxury of running her own business and enjoying a measure of autonomy is the byproduct of years of hard work and flexibility demonstrated throughout her career. She has maintained a healthy perspective on her gender considering it to be neither an asset nor a liability. She has always hoped to be judged on the quality of her ideas instead.

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