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Susan McGalla Builds Brands

Susan McGalla has proven that she knows how to run a business successfully. She has been in the position of the CEO more than once, and she has proven that women can do great things in the business world.

Many people have been able to benefit from her role as the CEO of American Eagle. The company was doing well and many employees were hired during the time that she was in this position. It is a clear indication that Susan Mcgalla was able to build a brand and help this company become one of the most successful clothing companies during the time that she was in place. There is no doubt that she is still paving the way for other women that want to thrive in the business world. She has given a tremendous amount of time to building her career, and she has even worked as a branding consultant when she started her own business. Susan McGalla has continued to improve and build herself as a true entrepreneur that has the ability to lead. She works for the Pittsburgh Steelers at this time, and this is just another indication of how she has been able to break down barriers when it comes to women in business. There are few women in leadership roles for NFL franchise teams, but Susan McGalla has managed to penetrate her way into a male-dominated arena. She has been able to help the Pittsburgh Steelers revamp the clothing line, and she has done this to give this franchise a greater brand awareness. This is what Susan has been known for throughout her years in the business world. She has a degree in marketing, and she has the ability to help any company that needs to build a better branding solution.

Susan McGalla has really been instrumental in helping the Pittsburgh Steelers get back to appealing to the fans. She has revamped the clothing line in a way that makes more of the fans of the Steelers patronize the clothing, and this leads to more fan participation at games. The fans are excited about this.

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