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Sunrise Covers Up an Indigenous Protest Concerning Adoption of Aboriginal Children

Sunrise, one of Australia’s most popular TV program kept mum about the protest happening outside their premises on Friday morning.

The bone of contention was a portion of the show that aired on the Tuesday about the adoption of Aboriginal minors. During the TV show, the host, joined by two non-indigenous, conservative commentators, discussed a press release that regarded the statement issued by children’s Minister, David Gillespie that claimed white families be allowed to adopt neglected and abused Aboriginal children.

However, the minister denied making such claims about “white folks”, but indicated the possibility of open adoption where the adopted children will remain in contact with their biological parents. What sparked the controversy was the fact that no indigenous personalities voiced their concerns regarding the idea of removing Aboriginal children from the care of their parents and communities.

One of the panelists, Prue McSween comments regarding the issue evoked outrage when she said that “like the Stolen Generation “many children would be taken for the sake of their “well-being”. On another token, the one behind the protest, Wiradjuri and Torres Strait Islander woman and Lynda-June Coe, a member of the Fighting in Solidarity Toward Treaties reported that the claims by the TV show were misguided and ill-informed.

“It’s full of lies. Holding a talk regarding the indigenous people without involving us is stupid. It results in that whole white liberator mentality”, she exclaimed. “It was an utter disregard for the Stolen Generations and the current trauma experienced by our community. To stand and say that it was for their [children] well-being… McSween hardly understands her history.”

30-45 minutes after protesters arrived outside the Sunrise studio, the windows went down. Inside the studio, the virtually unbreakable, sound-proof glass kept the protesters’ chants at the low. And in what appears to be a cover-up, Sunrise aired outdated footage of Martin Place instead of putting the live protest in the limelight. The protesters attempted to contact Sunrise, but couldn’t get any response.

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