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Successful Career Path Of Michael Burwell As A Financial Consultant


Michael Burwell is a committed scholar who is an alumnus of the Michigan State University. He graduated with a bachelors degree in business administration. After graduating, Mike got a chance to work with the famous PriceWater Coopers (PWC). He was a very hard working employee and was always eager to learn new things, something that made him climb his career ladder at a very high rate. Mike started by working as a business advisor in the assurance department and was later selected as a company’s partner. Michael Burwell since he was young, used to be an excellent listener and always took his time before making decisions.


Price Water House Coopers has changed and improved drastically because of the great innovation brought by Michael Burwell. The company realized his excellent managerial skills, and he rose further to higher ranks of the company where he was involved in significant transactions in the United States. In 2012, he was appointed as the Vice Chair of the Global and the U.S Transformation. He was responsible for expanding as well as sharing of the internal services of the company.


Michael Burwell has always worked closely with people in the organization. They have helped him to win ideas that have made him oversee tremendous achievements in his career. He has always believed his colleagues and still considers implementing the majority of their views. The successful financial guru has managed to remain relevant in the industry because of the ideas he has always put in place.


Michael Burwell is a person who believes in technology and has always worked towards making things happens. He has consistently applied the best methods which would help him achieve in his career. He has always believed in teamwork and has always encouraged people within his circle to work with commitment and applying the most straightforward methods in his career.


Michael has always believed in whatever path he undertakes. He believes in doing a lot by applying fewer resources. Michael Burwell’s passion and dream for his career have always been a massive step towards his career growth. He also possesses excellent qualities of a team leader.


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