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Stream Energy: Mobilizing Philanthropic Arm

Hurricane Harvey is considered one of the strongest and most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States mainland. Meteorologists have recorded 56 inches of rain from the storm, causing massive floods, especially in Houston. The floods took lives and properties, leaving its victims helpless and asking for help. Stream Energy extended their assistance to those who were victimized by Hurricane Harvey, and the company is one of the first responders to those who experienced the wrath of the storm. The company mobilized their philanthropic arm called Stream Cares, hoping to provide immediate assistance to the hurricane’s victims. According to Stream Energy, helping the public during disasters is one of the characters of the company, and they will do everything to make sure that the victims have adequate food, water, clothes, and hygienic supplies.

Stream Cares was launched by the Stream Energy to help communities across the country. They have been donating cash to local charities and foundations, giving the public a positive reputation about the company. Stream Energy has partnered with organizations like the Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity, and they are working together to ensure that relief will be given to the victims of the hurricane shortly. Business experts see the initiative of the company to help the victims of the storm as a move that would boost the sales of the company. They are also predicting that a lot of people would start joining the direct-selling scheme of the company because of how they showed their concern to the people.

Stream Cares just one of the plenty philanthropic activities that Stream Energy is involved in. For the victims of the hurricane, the assistance that was given to them would help them go through the daily challenges in life. Aside from providing the necessities, Stream Cares also announced that they will be giving additional cash assistance for the victims, and Stream Energy has been working with other electrical companies to fix the energy system that was destroyed by the hurricane. The company is targeting to finish the works as early as possible, to give the public access to power.


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