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Stream Energy Challenges Texas Apathy Through Stream Cares

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston areas, communities were inundated with dozens of inches of rainfall. There were certain neighborhoods that found their homes filled with as much as 56 inches of water.

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey challenged business leaders to show their support for Houston and help those who needed it most. Dallas’s Stream energy not only stepped up to help fund relief efforts, they limited the financial burden placed on its customers in their time of need.

Stream Energy has partnered up with known charities like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, but they never had a dedicated office to handle these donations and functions. This need to formalize their charity efforts led to the creation of Stream Cares, which will handle the Stream Energy charity work while contributing to the company’s brand as one that cares.

Homeless children has been a big concern for the company. Stream Cares has formed a partnership with Hope Supply Co. to organize Splash for Hope. This day at the water park won’t just give homeless children a much needed day of fun but provide them with supplies and financial support that can benefit their whole families.

Stream Energy also cares about honoring members of the military for their service to the country. The company is providing financial backing for Operation: Once in a Lifetime, This event provides a luncheon for veterans and their families while also providing them with financial assistance.

Stream Energy’s Senior Event Manager, Kimberly Girard, said that the charitable culture in the company is a genuine expression of Associates who are concerned for the well being of all Texans and must satisfy a need to help. With so any looking for ways to help out, Stream Cares actively searches for new organizations to partner with or opportunities to get involved and provide support.

In the state of Texas, one of the least charitable states in the country, Stream Energy finds itself mostly alone. But Girard remains confident that they can act as a leader in the local business community by showing that helping others is a good way to do business.



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