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Steam Energy: Generosity Is A Priceless Virtue

Stream Energy is a great company to work for because their focus is on giving their workers an opportunity at entrepreneurship. Each contractor gets to prime opportunity to get to know the people in the people in the community. They then match their needs with services offered through Stream Energy. The golden opportunity doesn’t stop there as freelancers get to volunteer in events sponsored by Stream Energy to provide assistance to homeless families. Homelessness can happen to anyone. The good thing is that there is help from organizations like Stream Cares, the Habitat for Humanity, Hope Supply Co., the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. Each organization helps the less fortunate in different ways. That is why it is essential for them to work together for the greater good of people in need. Looking back at all of the times Stream has made a difference, there is no wonder that so many contractors choose them as their next career opportunity. Hurricane Harvey was a massive storm that flooded most of Houston, Texas. Many individuals living in that area lost their homes and their pets. Some people were killed during the disaster. Overall, it left the city devastated with the need for a second chance and a new beginning. Stream Energy came forward and used money from their energy sales to fund the reconstruction of the area. It is commendable that they were one of the first organizations to make a stand in the area. Homelessness is a significant cause for Stream. The associates there care deeply about those individuals that are less fortunate to have a roof over their heads. That is why they routinely monitor the rates of homelessness in the area. They were highly upset to discover that the rate of homelessness has increased. In fact, the increase was over 20 percent. That’s when they collaborated with the Hope Supply Co. to sponsor the Splash for Hope event at the local waterpark. It turned out to be a success as Stream Energy paid entrance and meal fees for 1,000 children. It gave children a full day of fun without the worry of adverse circumstance.





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