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Explaining The Adoption Process

Some Adopted Children Have A Need To Find Birth Parents

Millions of children on a world wide scope are in need of loving, adoptive parents and families. They have either been abandoned, or placed on a state adoption list. Many are fortunate to find someone who wants to adopt them, and love them. Parents of adopted children are ecstatic about their new addition to the family. Children only know that they have found someone to give them the foundation needed to grow na d be prodictive. their environment is filled with positive thinking and values. They do not realize that they are adopted until the parents inform them, and it does not make a difference.


A Retired Air Force Colonel, Bruce Hollywood, was an adopted child whose parents encouraged him to search for his biological parents. These adoptive parents were confident that if the biological parents were found, it would not build a bridge between them and their son. The strong bond between parents and son would not be broken. Bruce Hollywood did search for his biological mother, who was a Japanese native. As an adult, he found his mother, and thanked her for the opportunity that she had given him. At that time, he did not feel a need to locate his biological father. Your text to link…


After his adoptive parents passed away, he maintained his relationship with his Japanese mother, and visited her often. She told him about his birth father, who ironically, was in the Air Force also. After his birth mother passed away, he made an attempt to find the birth father, but to no avail. After trying a few years later, he found that the father was no longer alive, but that he had an older brother. They began the bonding process, and his life is much richer now that he has a sibling. Children of adoptive parents sometimes have the best of two worlds if they are encouraged to locate their birth parents who show them love also.

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