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Signs the Marriage is Not Worth Keeping

Relationships are hard, but they can be even harder when you do not know when to leave. Building a successful marriage is something that takes a lot of work, but you are fooling yourself if you are the only one that is doing the work.

This tends to be the biggest sign that it is time to let a relationship go. Yet many people that are working hard on the relationship will never seem to get the bigger picture. They do not look at the way that a marriage works. Two people from different backgrounds often come together and they have to communicate about various areas where they can build their lives together.

Married couples have to talk about expectations when it comes to intimacy. They have to build a bridge of communication when it comes to how they are going to spend their money. Married couples also have to learn how to communicate with the family members and friends of their spouses. All of these are things that go into making a marriage work. If you do not have someone that is willing to sit down with you and compromise on this level you are going to be wasting your time.

Another thing that is a sign to be mindful of is the infidelity in a relationship. It is a bad idea to stay in a marriage even if you have been cheated on once, but many people tend to stay around and wait for this to happen a second and third time. It does you no good to stay with someone that continues to cheat. This is a sign
that the person is not putting forth the effort that you are putting it. In fact, this is the biggest sign of a lack of interest in the relationship.

If a person is cheating this means that they have actually made time to take interest in someone else. This means that there is less time for you because they have created an entire alternate life where they are sneaking around and making time to be with another person.

A large majority of people find themselves looking for answers to make your partner a better fit. You cannot build a better relationship for someone that does not want to be married to you.

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