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Signs That the Married Life With Your Current Spouse is a Sinking Ship

No one wants to just walk away when they have invested so much time into a marriage, but sometimes you really do need to just look at the dissolution of the relationship for what it really is. There are signs, but a ton of people will ignore what is right there in front of their faces. The married couples tend to fight it out for years when they could have saved time and found a better partner if they have just paid attention to a couple of signs.
If you are in a relationship that is abusive it doesn’t make sense to stay. You are only going to hurt one another more. Emotional abuse could turn into physical abuse. It is never worth it to stay in a relationship where you are not being treated like you are loved. People may say that they love you in a marriage, but if they are abusive it is the type of love that is not worth holding on to.

Another thing that you need to look at is the fight that you are putting up to keep the marriage together. If you are the only one that is willing to do the work you are going to be very disappointed. There is no way to build a successful relationship if your partner is not meeting you halfway. Once you feel like you are in the marriage alone it does you no good to even pretend anymore. Look at the way that this one-sided approach to love is and you will realize that it is not worth your time.

There is nothing worse than a cheater. If you are dealing with this in a relationship you should get out. Married people will often fall victim to taking a cheater back one too many times. If the person that you are married to feels the need to engage in sexual contact with someone else you should know that there is no love there. That person may say that they love you and may want to stay with you. The problem is that the trust is broken. You will spend the rest of your life paranoid that this is happening again. Save yourself the grief and leave before the paranoia begins.

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