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Sightsavers Fights Child Blindness

Sightsavers is a charity focusing on avoidable blindness around the world, and they have come to a number of countries around the world to help with curable blindness. This article takes a look at how this charity reaches out to the UN to participate in their disability awareness programs. The charity knows how to find curable blindness, correct these problems, and give communities resources.


#1: The Sightsavers Are Active

The Sightsavers have been active in disability rights for many years, and they believe in more than simply managing their cause. The charity believes in helping those who have been blinded, and they are hoping to work with the UN to pass legislation around the world to support those who are disabled.


#2: The UN Has Resources

Sightsavers knows that they need as many extra resources as possible, and they are quite supportive of what the UN believes in. They know that they may help other charities because a rising tide lifts all ships. The UN has invited Sightsavers onto their advisory committee for disabilities because they have information that may help other charities in the future.


#3: Sightsavers Works With Rural Kids

Sightsavers often works with kids in rural villages who do not have clean water or suffer from unmedicated diseases. They note that 75% of blindness is curable because it may be corrected with simple systematic changes. Sightsavers wants to bring more awareness to the UN, and they may receive more support in return. Spreading awareness makes their charity and others like them more effective.


#4: What Is The Next Goal For Sightsavers?

Sightsavers hopes to increase their influence so that they may tie their cause into other causes around the world. Sightsavers knows that they may work with charities around the world that fight childhood hunger and malnourishment. They may help in the fight against poverty, and they may well make friends in the nonprofit world who may help. These influencers are all a part of the UN disabilities committee, and that committee has the potential to change how children around the world live.


Sightsavers has done an incredible job with their own charity, and they now have a representative at the UN disability committee. They plan to spread their message around the world to other places where curable blindness may be intercepted, and they believe that this incredible opportunity ensures that other children will not live their lives in the dark.


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