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Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm: Deciphering a Silicon Valley Guru

As a location for some of the tech world’s biggest names, including Apple, Google, and Facebook, Silicon Valley almost certainly ranks as the world’s premiere hub of innovation. Where innovation thrives, so does the need for funding in the form of venture capital, and among Silicon Valley’s foremost VC investors is Shervin Pishevar, whose corporate credits include providing the start-up funding that gave companies such as Uber and Airbnb their foothold in the tech marketplace.

In the process of providing initial financial support to Uber and Airbnb, Pishevar helped kick-start the “gig economy,” in which businesses recruit independent contractors to provide services to communities across the globe; the world of employer-employee relations hasn’t been quite the same since.

As Shervin Pishevar is no stranger to making risky investments that change the way that investors see untapped markets, it is little wonder that a recent 21-hour tweet storm by the venture capital guru made headlines. With his more than 90,000 Twitter followers, Pishevar is skilled at commanding the attention of an audience intent on learning from the master investor’s solid financial advice and unique take on the tech economy; true to form, Pishevar made bold predictions about subjects ranging from the future of crypto-currency Bitcoin to a potential US market crash within the coming year.

Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=627228&privcapId=40311345

Suggesting that Bitcoin would retake its peak value in coming months, for example, Pishevar once again showed himself to be willing to take hard bets on unlikely investments. Less welcome to Pishevar’s followers was the financier’s contention that the US market would drop by 6000 points in the near future, meaning that investors could be in for a wild ride in 2019 and beyond if their stock portfolios are not diverse enough to withstand a major economic hit.

Whether you’re a fan of Shervin Pishevar’s unconventional view of the marketplace or find his methods of investing too brash, you’ll probably find something worth considering in the tech guru’s many tweets on everything from the real value of Bitcoin to the future of the US economy. His viewpoints may be unorthodox and his manner more brazen than most investors would dare to emulate, but there’s no denying that Shervin Pishevar has shown that he has a knack for discovering where the tech smart money is. For his supporters, that is reason enough to try to learn more from a truly one-of-a-kind investor.


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