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Shervin Pishevar: The Fifty Tweet Long Rant Heard Around The Internet

When you go on a fifty tweet long dialogue via your Twitter account, you probably have something at least mildly important to say. Shervin Pishevar is one of those people who had something to say when he came back onto the scene on Twitter.

Shervin Pishevar is someone who was an early investor in Hyperloop back in the day. He saw early on the value that was to be had with this company long before most of us even knew that it was a company. This is exactly what has propelled Shervin Pishevar to the heights of financial fame that he sits on today.

His tweet storm began with a simple tweet about how he thinks that the stock market is due for a correction. He promised to share details with everyone about how he thinks that it is time for us to consider the real possibility that a financial storm is brewing. He says that the market needs to correct by at least twenty percent before he would get anywhere near it. That being said, it is some of the other things that he had to say which continued to garner attention for him.

He believes that Bitcoin is not the safety investment that a lot of people think that it is. Shervin Pishevar says that it is also something that needs to come down in value before it is going to be considered worthwhile to invest in. He is not afraid to say that it is something that has gotten overhyped by the media and has led to higher prices.

It is important to note that Shervin Pishevar has also gone on to say that the American Dream is also not something that we can claim to be just our own anymore. He says that we have done an excellent job at exporting the American Dream to the rest of the world. He says that this will lead to great startups being started in other parts of the world. He wants to see us get used to the idea that we are not going to be king of the hill forever.


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