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Securus Video Visitation Closes Long Distance Family Gaps

For decades there has been a national push to bridge the distant gap among incarcerated parents and children, and Securus video visitation is leading the effort. “Long distance bonds have been stretched and are emotionally demanding on children,” says one associate. Of course parents can remain in touch but the physical presence of a parent can only be closely modeled by video chatting.

Time is almost certainly the biggest obstacle when preparing to visit an inmate. You must adjust life’s priorities to find the time to visit during pre-selected days, and for children, this can mean giving up activities. Securus video visitation is the answer to these obstacles. Mobile visitations have removed the age-old agony of traveling to visit an inmate with the convenience of on-the-go video chatting. Users of the service can chat on their computer or mobile device. But what really makes Securus video visitation a standout — aside from the convenience — is the ability to connect with children, seven days a week. As anyone who has taken a child for a visit at a prison knows, the travel combined with the wait in lines doesn’t factor in any homework time, and before you know it, the hour long visit is over. Video visitation eliminates those limitations and offers inmates the opportunity to chat at any time. Arguably, that’s the most exciting piece of the innovative technology.

Determining The Worth Of Your Video Visitation

Ask the majority of families to choose jail visits or select Securus video visitation and there’s no question which option they’ll pick. Constant access works out great for families, and incarcerated parents get to keep a vested interest in their child’s schoolwork, but school is just one example where video visitation becomes an advantage.

Imagine an incarcerated parent being able to see a birthday party, a school concert or a child’s sporting event via the Securus video visitation. Parent’s no longer have to hear about these events because they can be there. This type of innovation eliminates barriers that use to break families apart. Instead video chatting maintains connections and keeps incarcerated parents in the loop.

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