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Securus Technologies Successfully Tests Drone Detection System

It seems that prisoners inside their cells have also been using drones for their own purposes. There are reports indicating that some public officials were alarmed with recent developments showing that drones have also emerged as a threat at jails and prisons. Apparently, there are people who have been using drones to deliver illegal contraband to jail inmates. Thankfully, reports are also saying that Securus Technologies, a tech company based in Carrollton, has an answer that may stop this threat from growing. Securus has recently announced that it has successfully completed its pilot programs that are utilizing technology for drone detection. The aim of these programs is to deter contraband delivery to prison inmates.


Securus Technologies is a company that offers software solutions for public safety. Its representatives say that this recent development shows that drones are not only emerging as threats to public safety officials but to prisoners as well. People outside of prisons are now using them to deliver contraband such as drugs, cellphones, pornographic reading materials and many more illegal items to prisoners. A USA Today report indicated drones have been used in the last five years in attempting to deliver contraband to prison inmates in federal prisons. The same report also said that similar attempts were recorded in state facilities. Criminals are now realizing the potential of drones as tools in accomplishing their bad deeds, the report added.


The report also said that in March 2015, a Victorville, California high-security inmate recruited a person to sneak in two cell phones into the prison facility by using a drone. Apparently, a prisoner was able to retrieve the items since the drone delivery was not detected until five months later, the report added. In a separate press release, Securus Technologies reported that its staff has worked closely with its technology partners for 18 months to investigate what is required to design, install and deploy its pilot programs for drone detection. The tech company claimed that resources, investments and trials will eventually make improvements on the technology. They are satisfied with the results of their pilot programs and claimed that they were outstanding. Through these pilot programs, Securus Technologies were able to identify new methods and tactics of detection to enhance prison security, the press release added.


The use of drones to smuggle contraband to prisoners and jail inmates shows the high level of innovation and initiative that criminals are capable of in trying to trick the current security measures deployed in the country’s prison facilities. With Securus’ drone detection technology, this threat may be completely stopped. This system of detecting drones utilizes the infrastructure called DAS or digital antennae structure. It is similar to the Wireless Containment System designed by Securus Technologies. This company’s experience in serving the needs of the country’s prison system has helped them fine tune the development of drone detection technology.


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