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Sandy Chin Comments on the Benefit of Mentorship

Sandy chin has over 20 years of experience in her career. She manages purchases and sales of consumer staple stocks. She is an expert when it comes to portfolio management. She launched hedge fund tidal bore capital in 2016. This company has allowed her to manage portfolios that major in the bottom-up analysis. She has worked at SAC capital management as a senior analyst. She obtained experience on hedge fund from Visium asset management. She has also worked at Moore capital management. This is the first company she worked on the buy side. She has also worked on the sell-side at the bank of America and Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette where she met her mentor. Her mentor’s name is Bill. She has an MBA from New York University. At Columbia, she obtained a Ba in Political Science. Bill has been her mentor for a period of ten years. After sandy chin launched tidal bore capital, she reunited with Bill and they are now a team. This is after 6 years of separation.


During an interview, she explains that she build a relationship with her mentor when she secured a place as an associate. She was under his management. She was the second associate that bill hired in a period of over 20 years. Bill is a person with a high level of knowledge. Through him, Sandy Chin has learned a lot including how to question the management of a company. She can also obtain answers to questions from the tone of those who are talking. Through an invitation to meetings by her mentor, she has been able to move from the sell side to buy side. It is a belief that an associate should sit on the desk and prepare models. Bill proved otherwise, by taking his associate to meetings. This helped sandy chin to come up with even better models.

Sandy chin has also performed the role of mentoring. She has mentored their assistant. She encouraged her to join the business school. Based on her work ethic, she recommended her strongly. Currently, she has grown in her career. She is an investor relations analyst at CBS. Sandy chin has also assisted many people by offering advice. She advises the young associates to never lose hope. She encourages them to ask for more and gain more and more experience in all facets.

When sandy chin considered launching tidal bore capital, Bill was semi-retired. On calling out to him, he was there to support her in achieving her goal. In spite of him being retired, they still keep in touch on issues concerning tidal bore capital.

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