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Sandra Bullock recommends not using the phrase adopted child

Sandra Bullock recently suggested that people stop using the phrase adopted child when referring to adopted children, according to Upworthy contributor Robbie Couch. The Upworthy writer failed to mention where Bullock made her comments. Despite this, Couch and many other parents of children by choice, feel the same way.

The actress began her comments by comparing other ways people could refer to their children. No one refers to a child as their “woops, we forgot to use protection child” or the “our we needed a lot of help from doctors to make that happen child.” Bullock believes that parents should refer to all their children as simply their children, regardless of how the child came into the their family.

Bullock has a personal connection to this issue. She adopted two children in 2015. To her, Lois and Lalia, the people she brought into her family, our simply her children. As any real mother would, she learned their personalities, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.

The idea Bullock conveyed has long been known among certain communities. Sometimes our family members are those with whom we share a genetic connection; at other times our family members are those with whom we share a spiritual connection.

Couch believes it is a wording issue for the adults who use the phrase, but young children may not always see it that way. Young children may feel like they are not members of the family unless they are born into it. In some ways, this word choice equates adopted children to in-laws and other people who are not blood relations. Even in-laws are eventually considered to be full members of an extend family.

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