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Sandra Bullock on Being an Adopted Mother

Sandra Bullock is a proud mother. She is a single mother that has adopted two children, and these children are the loves of her life. People that are real fans of Bullock knows that she has adopted African American children. One thing that she has noted during her time as a mother is that she does not like for her children to constantly be referenced as adopted



In a recent response Sandra Bullock shared how this was something that annoyed her greatly. She felt very much like there was too much focus on the fact that she had adopted children after all of these years. It is true that this would have been a headline initially since the adoption of her first child. This is easy to see in the beginning because her son was African-American, and there were other celebrities that had adopted black children as well.


This initial adoption was years ago. Sandra feels right now that it should not be such a big topic since the initial adoption was years ago. She has stated how she feels very much like she is in the witness protection program sometimes when it comes to the life she has with her children. She feels as if there has been a constant media flurry. Sandra feels very annoyed by all of the attention that she has continued to receive over the years.


There are quite a few people that consider adoption every year. Many parents that have adopted children that are the same race will typically not have as many questions asked when they are out in public because no one really knows that this is an adopted child. in the case of Sandra Bullock she made a decision to adopt children that were of a different race. The simple fact that she is a celebrity puts her in the spotlight on a regular basis. She is telling the world that she is tired of this unnecessary spotlight.

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