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Sad News For Sza. Sad News For Fans

The neo-soul singer Sza made waves in 2017 with her debut album CTRL. With hits songs like Love Galore, Garden (Say It Like That), and The Weekend she, is well on her way to becoming a musical legend. With her second album set to be released soon, fans are nervous about the whisperings that her sophomore album may be her last. Szas’ soft, sultry voice is a breath of fresh air to many fans old and young. Unfortunately, we may be deprived of such greatness- according to her recent postings. Sza recently posted some not so cryptic tweets about leaving music for good. Although she deleted the tweets, it wasn’t before fans saw it and began to speculate. After her performance at Coachella, she began to post complaints on social media about her vocal chords being strained- saying her voice was “permanently injured”. Her record label, Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) also tweeted that Zsa’s vocal chords were swollen, and because of the injury, she would be absent for her upcoming shows in Arizona and New Mexico.

Earlier this year Sza expressed a state of depression. Artists have been known to say that they were quitting music however, this time seems a bit different. Sza says the music industry makes her miserable. Certainly, the industry can be a tough one however, fans are rooting for her to feel better- to get better so that we can continue to get this great music. Sza has threatened to quit music in the past. In 2016 she told her label she was quitting and they could do whatever they wanted to do with her album. Thankfully for us, she didn’t follow through with that threat.

We’re sure fans can understand the need and want to rest. We know that a career or tour is not worth your health or mental stability. We appreciate the contribution she has given us in such a short amount of time. She’s such a talent fans are sure to be willing to be here waiting for her when she is ready to bless us with more of her musical artistry.

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